International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS, Inc.)

501c3 public charity non profit organization. Our goal it to aid in healing the planet by using whole systems thinking through permaculture design of sustainable models for a world changing at a hyper accelerated rate. As part of our mission we experiment with innovative technologies, as well as, reflect upon the successes of the past to develop natural energy, alternative construction, resource and wildlife conservation, waste disposal and agricultural systems.

At a time of rapidly accumulating industrialization and in the face of inevitable growth on a global scale, we seek to preserve the natural balance by investigating ourselves, our technologies and our environment in order to creatively demonstrate a living example of regenerative design and sustainability. By accomplishing this we illustrate and define our important connection to the planet while extending this knowledge and understanding to the people of the world.


ICS, Inc. currently works through facilities in (Costa Rica & Belize) and projects located in areas of South Carolina.

CR-ICS is located on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Central America.

Situated next to Cabo Blanco National Park, the first natural reserve established in Costa Rica, provides a unique perspective.

CR-ICS is a 140 acre jewel that includes diverse landscapes, panoramic Pacific Ocean views, two major rivers (Rio Lajas & Rio Enmedio) with amazing waterfalls, forests and vast populations of wildlife.

Centrally located between tourist destinations of Montezuma, Cabuya and Mal Pais- this biological preserve provides a needed respite from the hustle of developing regions.

Our objective is to disseminate useful information through partnerships and collaboration on a personal, local and global range.


  1. Intro to Permaculture
  2. Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
  3. Intro to Natural Building
  4. Adobe, Cob, Rammed earth, Earth sacks, Straw bale, Ferro-cement, Papercrete, Waddle & Daub, Bamboo, Cordwood, Timber frame construction methods
  5. Earth Shelters with Living Roofs
  6. Land Preservation
  7. Organic Gardening Techniques and the Importance of Soil Health
  8. Aquaculture
  9. Environmental Education
  10. Solar ovens, Solar water heaters, mud stoves
  11. Natural Landscape Design
  12. Animal Husbandry
  13. Integrated Sustainable Farming
  14. Water harvesting
  15. Simple Living
  16. Biofuels
  17. Electricity- Solar, Wind, Biomass, Water & Waste
  18. Biogas Digesters & Composting
  19. Tai Chi & Yoga
  20. Men’s Groups
  21. Women’s Groups
  22. Music, Movies, Arts & Crafts
  23. Cultural Immersion & Indigenous Cultures
  24. Massage & Relaxation
  25. Ornithology & Wildlife Observation
  26. Starting a Micro-business
  27. Pre-cycling, Recycling, Repurposing, Reinventing
  28. Silent Walking
  29. Survival Training
  30. Aromatherapy – exploration through the senses
  31. Medicinal and Useful Plants
  32. Forestry
  33. Forest Gardens
  34. Shamanism, Mysticism and Meditation
  35. Cross Fitness training
  36. Horseback riding
  37. Nutritional Cleansing and Detoxification
  38. Passive Solar Design
  39. Food security & Food storage
  40. Coaching & Consulting