International Center for Sustainability,Inc. (ICS,Inc.)

Welcomes You to Join Us on Our Mission

International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) believes proper thoughtful design using Permaculture Principles, Ethics & Sustainability are key elements to co-creating vibrant living models. We strive to help humans understand the necessary balance and connection between themselves and their world by addressing environmental issues & exploring what can be done to increase the positive impacts of human interaction.

By operating within public and private educational systems and working with administrators, students, businesses and community members we help create sustainable livelihoods. This is accomplished through classroom presentations, dialogue and action learning-to educate the public in making positive choices to preserve quality of life for all.

Projects are implemented and maintained, allowing people to experience the development of their work, while recognizing the necessary care and commitment required for ideas to blossom into reality. We seek to empower individuals and groups by providing information and opportunity equipping them to move into the future with valuable life skills. With an understanding of our impact as human beings, we insure a high standard of living for ourselves and coming generations. Success is written in the faces of those who come together, experience a unified purpose and work towards prosperity.

To accomplish these objectives we use existing contacts, models and strategies, while searching to establish new ones. By continuing our focus on schools, businesses and communities, we achieve positive gain through conscious collaboration. Multi-media channels, such as video presentations, newspapers, radio and internet communications are used to convey facts of our findings, as well as the willingness of our supporters.

Our programs and facilitators require additional funding to meet the objectives of these goals.

*Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to our organization today to help us plant seeds for growth.