Welcome to the International Center for Sustainability, Inc.(ICS,Inc.)

International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS,Inc.), a 501c3 public charity non-profit organization, promotes ideas and information regarding Permaculture, Sustainability, Art and Self-Realization. We seek to empower individuals and groups with information, opportunities, and life skills enabling them to experience better lives.

Time is the most valued commodity in today's world, and (ICS, Inc.) is dedicated to investing as much of this resource necessary to make a lasting and significant contribution to the global community.

For many years, the distribution of misinformation and the adoption of inappropriate methodologies prevented people from developing their innate potential. When that potential is encouraged, it can lead to personal and collective realization, freedom, health, and abundance. Today, the sustainable ecotourism market is growing exponentially, creating demand for realistic learning models to illustrate the principles of ethical development, operation, and sustenance.

The increasing relevance of sustainability has been testified to by respondents of the second annual Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study. Sponsored by MIT Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group, the study found that “[d]espite the effects of the financial crisis, a slow economy in much of the world and continuing inaction by political bodies, the level of business investment in sustainability activities has been steadily rising.”

International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) engages in ecotourism, agrotourism, educational programs, litter control, re/up-cycling, watershed re-nourishment, food-source and rainwater harvesting, wastewater management, beautification, team-building exercises, animal husbandry, wildlife protection and resource preservation. In addition, natural building and appropriate technology models, as well as, outdoor films, musical and cultural events, dramatic presentations, etc. are utilized.


In setting its sustainability agenda, International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) operates on the belief that a person, business, or organization should be able to achieve positive gain while simultaneously developing and sustaining our future. There is a powerful, growing desire to create healthier life models. Many are frustrated with readily available, low-quality options, the inconvenience of acquiring goods and services, and the costs, both hidden and apparent, of obtaining them.

(ICS, Inc.) is currently collaborating to develop Permaculture Learning Centers and Event spaces, a sustainable business serving customers who want to learn how to use practical, creative methods to provide for their basic needs, such as food and shelter, as well as, for their entertainment and social, personal, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual health.

(ICS, Inc.) is creating an operating infrastructure that consists of and relies on proprietary content, strategic partners, distribution channels, and the production of information, goods, and services. This infrastructure will allow individuals and communities to meet their needs locally and will minimize the use of outsourced products. (ICS, Inc.) is currently transforming its services and it's fundamental business model, to take full advantage of the newest internet-based technologies, ongoing market trends, and changes in collective consciousness.

(ICS, Inc.) designs, develops, tests, and introduces Permaculture Science and Art Models, including, but not limited to, Forest Gardens, Sustainable Agriculture, Aquaculture Systems, Eco/Agro-tourism, Nature Immersion Tours, Natural Building Workshops, Introductory Courses on Appropriate Technology, Event Planning, Cultural Regeneration, and Resource Preservation. These activities are a novel means of creating the awareness, knowledge, responsibility, and vision required to encourage healthful and sustainable living.

International Center for Sustainability, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) is located in Walterboro, South Carolina, and has satellite offices in Edisto Island, South Carolina, Belize and Costa Rica, Central America.